Tuesday, July 8, 2008


TALES OF TERROR (Eclipse Comics, 1985 - 1987)

Eclipse Comics was an American comic book publisher in the 1980's responsible for a series called Tales of Terror (in the same vein as Pacific Comic's Twisted Tales that ran from 1982-84). Eclipse released the final 2 issues of Twisted Tales when Pacific went bankrupt, and also published one of the first ever graphic novels. Some of my favorite writers like Bruce Jones contributed stories to both, and the brilliantly gory cover art is definitely worth checking out. Tales of Terror are extremely hard to find, and unlike the EC comics, were never re-printed. However, I got lucky on Ebay last week and scooped up all 13 issues in perfect condition!

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Toyland Chairman said...

I've got Issue #7 of TALES OF TERROR. Got it at an antique store a while back, and finally got around to reading it. Decent stories. Two supernatural, two realistic. Comic cost me $1. Three comics for $1 that is (with ROBOTECH comics). I'm gonna go back there Monday after work, try and find some more issues.