Saturday, April 12, 2008


My favorite skate team is back! As a skater for 14 years of my life, I became hooked on their classic monster look and gory graphics in the early 90's. After searching for old merch online over 3 years ago, I discovered the resurrection of the team, and have proceeded to purchase every product of theirs since. Last week I bought my first complete deck in over 10 years, a limited edition board series called "Zombie Drummers From The Crypt." Some call it a quarter-life crisis - I call it an obsession that never went away.

I also strongly suggest purchasing a copy of the team's Black Metal DVD as soon as possible. Combining classic horror elements with insane street and pool skating, this is the best skate video I have ever seen. It's not everyday that you get to see skaters drop into half pipes in a coffin on wheels! Creature T-shirts, hoodies, caps, stickers, and some of the coolest skate merch ever is available at your local skateshop.
Make sure you check them out online at

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