Saturday, April 12, 2008



Arco/Mattel released a toy series called Mad Scientist circa 1987. Monster creations and weird lab experiments conducted by the insane character Dr. Sy N. Tist, along with all the green slime you could handle, was a dream come true for every 8 year old boy in the late 80's. I asked my parents for every single one of these toys, starting with the Dissect An Alien Kit, which was an alien creature filled with guts that you could dissect on a lab mat with a plastic scalpel, displaying all of his guts on the corresponding lab mat artwork. And if that wasn't cool enough, green slime would pour out of him during the operation, and when it was all over you could stitch him back up with a rubber slab of stitches! They were my favorite toys as a boy, but the line unfortunately did not last very long on the shelves. If you're lucky enough, you can grab some relics on EBay like I did.

In April 2007, I decided to tattoo my right sleeve with all of the characters and experiments from this series. I wanted something unique and a tribute to my youth & love for monsters. The sleeve project began on my upper right arm at Empire State Studios in Oceanside, NY. Friend & artist Bobby Chichester and I decided to start with the alien, considering it was the first toy of the series that I purchased - that was one of the toys that started it all! We would then work down the arm, adding additional monsters and lab backdrops along the way.

The photo above shows the alien himself full of guts (pre-dissection) and next to it, 15 hours after I went under the scalpel myself. More photos and updates on this project coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Frickin' SICK dude. I was never allowed to get these as a kid cause of the slime, but the Monster Flesh kits were a-ok for me to have. I had Ogore & Eyegore I think. I got the Dissect-An-Alien & Monster Lab sets from my friend when I was a kid & in the early days of eBay bought a brand new Monster Lab to replace the old one I had. I also got the Glowing Glop kit & the Wart Head watch (From the 1987 Time Freaks line from MAD SCIENTIST). Still missing a few sets, awesome stuff though. I gotta get around to scanning this old Toy Fair Mattel catalog as it has a lot of Mad Scientist stuff in it, some of which might never have been made.

Take care dude & kudos on the tat!