Friday, May 9, 2008

The EC Archives: Tales From The Crypt Vol. 1

Tales From The Crypt Volume 1 (2006)
Issues #1-6

My favorite comic series ever published was re-released in a hardcover edition titled The EC Archives, spread across 2 full volumes. Volume 1 includes comics #1-6 in vibrant color, with over 200 pages hosted by our dear friends The Crypt Keeper, The Vault Keeper, and The Old Witch. Reading through the volume took me back to my younger days when I would ride my bike to Count Dracula's Comic Crypt for the latest issue of Tales - you can't put a pricetag on this kind of nostalgia, so the $35 I paid for this book was worth every penny. More importantly, the illustrations are the source of my inspiration as a fellow artist and horror fanatic.

In my favorite tale, The Maestro's Hand, a talented pianist loses his hand after an accident in the kitchen. The doctor amputates the limb in an attempt to gain the love of the maestro's wife, who then commits suicide after the maestro does the same, unable to cope with the fact that he will never play the same again. The doctor then exiles himself to a remote cabin, where a package arrives with the maestro's rotting hand inside. The hand comes to life, terrorizing the doctor and eventually strangling him to death. A classic revenge story illustrated by the one and only Al Feldstein, one of my favorite horror artists of all time.

This book comes highly recommended to any comic horror fan and will make a great addition to your bookshelf, along with Volume 2 and The Vault of Horror Archives that accompany it.

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