Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pigeons From Hell #1: New comic from Dark Horse


Brought to us by the wonderful people over at Dark Horse comics, Pigeons from Hell is a new release of the classic Robert E. Howard story, written with a fresh new take by Joe R. Lansdale and illustrated by the young & talented Nathan Fox. Set in the deep south, a group of friends pay a visit to a house with a family history, and plenty of secrets. Neglected for years, an entire room of the house is filled with dead pigeons and has a frightening cold presence, even with the hot summer heat outside. Other than that, we are given very little information in this first issue, and I was left with an uneasy feeling after reading it. The dark & subtle tones brought forth by Fox and the mystery of the old house leave you both wanting more and feeling uneasy. I wouldn't necessarily call this a "horror" comic (issue 2 may prove me wrong), but there is definitely an aura of haunting. My only gripe is the comic was over before it started, so needless to say I can't wait for issue two to find out more . . .

Purchase a copy of Pigeons from Hell here. And make sure you pre-order the Uncle Creepy statue while you're at it. Thank you Dark Horse for two amazing items in 2008!

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Anonymous said...

this one is my favourite by howard!