Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twisted Tales Comics

TWISTED TALES (1982 - 1984)

Pictured left is the first issue of Twisted Tales, which only pushed out 8 issues and was published by Pacific Comics in the early 80's, with an additional 2 more by Eclipse when Pacific went bankrupt. The brains behind the operation was one man by the name of Bruce Jones, who wrote all but 3 of the stories and had also spent some time scripting Creepy and Eerie years prior. I remember grabbing 5 of the 8 issues at the same comic shop where I got my Tales From The Crypt fix, which coincidentally was the comic that inspired Jones to create Twisted.

The difference between the two is that Twisted Tales often had "twists" at the end of each story and the illustration was laced with nudity, which was basically non-existent in the EC comics. Take a look at the cover on the left - a half naked woman with huge tits having her dress pulled off by the walking dead. What more could a 10-year old boy ask for? I remember coming home from the comic shop with issues of Twisted Tales and the EC reprints tucked inside the latest Marvel release, so my Mom wouldn't see how I was spending my paper route money. Being too young to rent horror films, I relied on these comics to scratch my horror itch. Almost 20 years later, with the help of EBay, I was finally able to complete my Twisted Tales collection by snatching up the 3 issues I missed.

The fellas over at Deadlicious have great scans of all the covers over at:

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